Computer Repair Center



Computer Diagnostic Center – Free Services

If you need assistance with a computer diagnosis, please email or call the CSU Central IT Technical Support Helpdesk (970-491-7276).

If you need help with issues such as…

  • Connecting your computer or mobile device to wi-fi
  • Malware removal, antivirus issues, or software recommendations
  • Resetting your eID or Google password
  • Laptop tune-ups
    • Removal of bloatware and other unnecessary software
  • Connecting your mobile device to your email account
  • General software support and basic hardware diagnostics

The Diagnostic Center provides these free services to CSU faculty, students, staff and retirees.

Computer Repair Center – Fee-based

If you have more serious issues such as…

  • Computer hardware diagnostics
  • Driver and operating system updates
  • Departmental I.T. Support

The Repair Center provides these services and more for a fee. See chart below for more details.