Who? When? Where?

About Us


Ramothée Chalamet

"RAMTech's almost-official-but-not-quite-but-almost Official Mascot"

So, what exactly is a "RAMTech"?

Alas the “RAM” in our RAMTech doesn’t mean we’re a RAM (Random Access Memory) based company. Although, you wouldn’t be entirely off the mark if that was your first inclination.

Since 1977, RAMTech has been Colorado State University’s technology solution for most everything in hardware and software.

Supplying the technology for Rams to change the world!

RAMTech strives to offer impeccable one-on-one service to anyone no matter their level of technological prowess.

Of course, we make a few missteps every now and again, but know that the active effort strive towards that goal is always there! Some of us have been here longer than others

Oh, and we do install RAM for computers on occasion, so maybe on brand a little bit after all? (Please consult our Computer Repair Center regarding that particular service.)

RAMTech’s team of knowledgeable and talented staff are comprised of students and staff alike in order to get the best of both perspectives in choosing how to conduct our business. Below you can find an essential list of RAMTech’s operating bases, and get a feel for what we offer and where to go for additional support!

RAMTech Offerings

In-Store Offerings

Whether it’s time for your next computer upgrade or an accessory before your next class, we’ve got you covered at the RAMTech storefront! Come in to ask questions, try products, check-in for repairs, buy hardware, etc. This is the one stop shop where you can most directly interface with the RAMTech team!

Repair Center

Something up with your computer or other technologies? Have us take a look at it through the RAMTech Repair Center! Conventionally, we’re in the business of fixing Mac (MacBook, Mac, iMac, etc.) computers and Windows PCs, but we try our best regardless of what device is on hand. When the coffee and the computer collide, we’ll be on the scene!

RAMTech’s Repair Services are accessible via a check-in service at RAMTech Store.

Software Offerings

RAMTech partners with multiple organizations in order to provide essential and additional software to both staff and students. From the most essential of Microsoft 365 to specialist software like JMP, Adobe Creative Cloud, or ArcGIS; there’s something for everybody. Please consult the software section for more information!